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How Carpet Cleaners Protect a Business From Mold-Allergy Lawsuits

A carpet
Carpets provide business owners with a variety of style options that make them an excellent addition to a building. However, rugs are also prone to severe mold infestations, which may cause employees to have health issues that may lead to lawsuits. Thankfully, professional cleaners can help business owners avoid this problem by creating a healthier carpet culture in a business. 

Why Business Carpets Are Prone to Mold 

Carpets in businesses are often prone to mold for a variety of reasons. First of all, the threads of a carpet capture all sorts of elements, such as dirt, water, and more, and they provide mold with easy access to food. Just as problematically, businesses with carpets often have a large number of people walking on them every day.

Unlike in residential homes, where most people take off their shoes before walking on carpets, a business carpet suffers from everything that every employee drags in on their shoes. As a result, the rug is not only filled with a variety of nasty elements but is often exposed to mold spores. Moreover, when mold starts growing in a carpet, allergic reactions are likely to follow. 

How Mold Triggers Allergic Reactions 

When mold spores release into the air from a business's infested carpet, these spores may end up being inhaled by a business's employees. In many cases, a person's lungs will exhale the mold spores without any reaction. However, individuals who are allergic to mold may experience severe reactions that are potentially dangerous to their health. 

For example, people with mold allergies may experience an asthma attack or other health concerns while working in a store with moldy carpet. While visitors to the store might not be exposed to mold long enough to trigger attacks, someone working in a store with moldy carpet for 40 or more hours a week could experience a reaction due to prolonged exposure.

If that affected individual can prove that the mold in a business's carpet was responsible for their allergic attack, they may have the option to pursue a lawsuit for damages against the company. Therefore, any business owner with carpets affected by mold needs to seriously consider the benefits of a high-quality carpet cleaning procedure right away. 

Why Carpet Cleaning Prevents This Problem

Business owners need to regularly clean their carpets to protect their employees from the dangers of severe mold allergies. Even vacuuming the rug every day should help disrupt minor mold infestations. However, many types of carpet cleaners will destroy more high-level mold infestations and make them easier to vacuum up after several applications. 

In some cases, mold on a carpet may spread onto the flooring beneath the rug and throughout the rest of the building. When this happens, a more severe cleaning method may be necessary. Steam cleaning is a good option here because the heat of the steam will kill the mold and make it easier to remove from more hard-to-reach places in a business. 

Unfortunately, some mold infestations are going to be too severe for businesses to handle on their own. For example, a mold infestation that spreads into an HVAC system will threaten the health of everybody in the building and require professional help to manage.

How Professional Care Helps 

While business owners and managers can remove mold from their carpets with vacuums and other treatment methods, high-quality professional carpet cleaning is a smart choice. Professionals will come in with high-powered cleaners to break apart mold growths from every fiber. Then, they will take steps to ensure that mold no longer continues to affect a carpet. 

So if you own a business and are concerned that your carpets are growing mold, please don't hesitate to contact us at DRC Contract Cleaning right away. We will work hard to eliminate the mold in your business and provide your employees with the clean air that they deserve when they work in your store.